It is a: 3D-4D-Digital Twin-WEB based-CMMS-BIM-Facility and Energy management-Smart building- technical security-BI-Predictive and preventive maintenance for all buildings, all-assets, landscapes, HR, utilities and much more.

The product can run on cloud, local server or hybrid with the highest security standards. Its features are (not limited to) 4D Virtual real-time reality, building walkthrough, actual assets visualization, installations, machinery, real time attendance monitoring (seeing number of people in room), power consumption, doors and windows opening/closing, switching appliances on/off, possibility to review the information about an asset or people on site in real time, etc.

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)

The system automatically or manually creates a work orders on the site or remotely with automatic delivery of work order to contractors and maintenance crew. It creates digital history service book. Plans and budgets the maintenance. Automatizes periodic services or automatizes service request based on preventive or predictive or planed requests. It can also close a work order.

Example: 7 lights in an office are using 350W of power. Power drops to 250W. The program knows that two lights have malfunctioned and sends a work order to outsourced or employed electrician with the information on building/office and the type of light bulbs that needs replacement. After the lights are back in service and the consumption is back to 350W, the program automatically closes the working order and mark its  “job completed”.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

All buildings and all assets include Building Information Modeling (BIM). When creating a work order, maintenance crew gets all the information about what to bring to repair the fault. It is also a digital Plan “as it is” and lets engineers and maintenance to have access to drastically reduce time consumption and reaction time. BIM planes are available for ArchiCAD, Revit, etc, and can be downloaded anytime by the authorized personnel.

Facility management

Creates a cleaning plan by hour and by room so that the cleaning staff have direct and accurate plan of cleaning. It is also very useful for checking the quality of cleaning via tablet or PC. Increases production as it reduces staff handover time, all task completed are written and accessible, only the name of worker is changed. By installing some IoT’s, application will automatically create and send work orders in case of faulty light bulbs, water/tap leakage, anomalies in power circuits, bad batteries of fork-lifters and UPS, tyre wear-out or periodic service of vehicles, low ink of copy machine and printers, etc. Automatic creation of work orders for gardening, (with our algorithms and some IoT’s we can calculate when the grass is ready to be cut and will order a mowing on non-rainy day).

Energy management

See real-time power consumption of electricity, gas, oil, water, etc. Program creates alarms about anomalies, bad quality of electricity and prevents failures of machinery. It can safely use free cool air at night to cool down the building or pre-cools the building when the price of electricity is lower. Enables the user to see all relations and graphs in Business Intelligence (BI) module, compare data by time filters or seek for relevant relations such as “power consumption and number of employees” or “monthly revenue in relation to power consumption” to find the best price/performance ratios. Smart building automatizes shades or dims lighting by tracking the natural light with LUX meters or presence of people in rooms. Switches on/off scenarios to save energy or to improve micro-climate conditions based on the air quality and the number of people (conference room, production site, offices, etc). Pre-cool or pre-heat a building or rooms when electricity is cheaper and exclude nonworking days. Algorithms are including your temperature desires and settings, outside temperature and the weather prediction, working days, working hours. It reduces electricity peaks by automated staggered start of the machinery/devices. Automatizes irrigation systems, inside and outside lighting, it even allows to power on/off all the computers at any given time

Technical security

It enables to monitor and control all cameras, fire alarms, access points, time management, automatic extinguishing systems, burglary systems, time attendance and access control on 3D screen. Data-log enables reconstruction of “minutes before disaster” by replaying the conditions even from months ago. It stores all alarms and events on digital archive. Possibility to grant access to the application to police and fire brigades so they can see current conditions, best access points, hydrants locations, remotely shut down power, gas, open shades and/or windows, unlock doors, monitor how many people are still trapped in the building and where. Create scenario so burglars will believe building is occupied or just trap a burglar in a lift between floors.

BI (Business Intelligence)

powerful BI enables visualization of all utility consumption, income, costs, staff attendance. The system saves money as it displays current electricity usage and carbon footprint in real currency thus influencing people’s behavior. BI can be connected to the clients ERP and/or CRM and other applications to have total, automatic and customized control over clients business, events, energy, people and all relations between them. All relations and integration are fully customizable to clients’ requests.

Predictive maintenance

Install our predictive maintenance sensors that will let you know in advance when a certain part of  machine will fail. That way your maintenance team, outsourced or your company’s, can order and get spare parts and organize repair to avoid production stall. Sensor measures sound and vibration starting from 0.1 MHz and detects any unusual sound or movement of rotating parts, CNC machines, compressors, pumps, electric-motors, diesel engines, or any other moving part. With the machine learning, through time, system will be able to pinpoint exact fault and calculate time before breakdown, cost and repair time.

Preventive maintenance

By connecting clients, machines and devices – the product/application will automatically create work orders based on machine’s working hours or other parameters to prevent machine failure and to exclude human factor. Apart from buildings, machines also have a digital service book to calculate maintenance cost per product and to plan Investments when maintenance cost start to get too high compared to a new asset. Another useful application is in fleet management (car, truck, bus) where service must be done based on kilometers driven (engine, tires) or based on running hours or both. Combined with a driver data, you will know driver habits, l/km, etc.