Green Twin

4D poslovna analitika


njoy the most sophisticated business intelligence on the market that shows real-time data and reports, enabling you to make fast and quality decisions.

Because we can show the business intelligence for the whole group, per company, per location, per group of machines or energy consumers, per machine, per group of workers or even per single worker or light, the structure of such BI would be opaque and unclear. To make such complex reporting easy to use, we are showing these BIs in a 4D structure. Any time you use business intelligence, you will know where you are and where to go deeper or higher, and all the reports you will see will be in real-time.

4D Custom Made BI Reports

More Than 1.000 BI Reports in 4D Structure

See Relations Between Different Data

Use BI to Support Fast and Quality Decision Making

We can customize your business intelligence and search for relationships and anomalies in a way that wasn’t possible until today. E.g., see if there are relationships between temperature and bad products or reclamations.

Or see how many people are absent due to being sick in relation to certain periods of the year. Or find the best ratio between energy consumption, production and the speed of machines. You will be surprised at what you find. Also, use that data for planning. If there is a constant increase in absences in December and you have more orders than usual, plan to add more people to production in advance. If you find relations between the number of faulty products and temperature and humidity in the production area, quickly calculate the ROI for microclimate stabilization, apply changes and monitor the improvement.