Green Twin

Baza podatkov za vse dokumente in načrte


reen Twin works as an organizer of your plans and documents. All files can be associated with a certain asset, e.g., instructions (text or video) for safe work with a certain machine are available by clicking on the item or asset in Green Twin. Any user or group of users can see those files anytime, anywhere.

All plans of a building, installations and details are stored on Green Twin and easily accessible when needed as DWG, PDF or 3D files. There is no need to search for maps in the archive anymore. Updates on changes in buildings become fast and up-to-date, because the difference between plans, reality and 3D graphics is immediately spotted. Updates can be made by the user or by our company as a service.

Attach Asset Data So Its Easy to Find

Attach Manuals and Videos for Safety Instructions

Have All Installation Plans in 3D – Even Underwall/Undergound

Discuss Changes With Engineers Online