Green Twin

3D-4D-6D Web-Based Digital Twin With CMMS, BIM, Facility and Energy Management, OEE, and Carbon Footprint Monitoring

Green Twin ...

… is a 3D-4D-6D web-based digital twin with CMMS, BIM, facility and energy management, OEE and carbon footprint monitoring, technical security, predictive and preventive maintenance for all buildings, all assets, landscapes, HR, utilities and much more.

The product can run on a cloud, local server or hybrid with the highest security standards. Its features include (but are not limited to) 4D virtual real-time reality, building walkthroughs, actual asset visualization, installations, machinery, real-time attendance monitoring (seeing the number of people in each room), power consumption, doors and windows opening/closing, switching appliances on/off, possibility to review the information about an asset or people on site in real time, etc.

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Benefits of Digital Twin Software

Increased reliability and availability

Increased Reliability and Availability

Monitor, simulate and control an asset, process or network as an effective strategy to improve system performance.

Reduced risk

Reduced Risk

Protect the health and safety of employees, the environment and business objectives by reducing asset- and process-related incidents and avoiding unplanned downtime.

Lower maintenance cost

Lower Maintenance Costs

Predict issues before breakdowns occur, order parts and schedule repairs at times that don’t impact production goals.

Improved production

Improved Production

Ensure product quality with insight into the performance of the assets and processes in real-time to influence and react to customization and minimize the impact on the supply chain.

Faster time-to-value


Leverage industry expertise, easy-to-use tools and the most complete Blueprint catalog that together provide the analytics and real-time capabilities that the industry needs.

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