Green Twin

Asset Management


se Green Twin to manage all of your assets, tangible and intangible and see where they are located. Each asset can be put into a group (e.g., fire extinguishers, printers, CNC machines, etc.). Each asset can be the main asset and have other assets as its parts. This means that in the event of light bulb failure, the electrician will get not just the location of the faulty item but also the exact information on which spare parts and tools to bring. When connecting Green Twin with GPS vehicle trackers, based on weekly mileage, the program will calculate when the tires are to be changed and will notify your service crew to be prepared with the exact tire dimensions and brand. The same goes for registration and engine services.

Control All Assets With One App

Upgrade Your Existing Asset Management Tools With 4D Vision

Upgrade Your Assets With IoT's

Create Automatic Work Orders and Let Green Twin Run Routine Work

The application will also notify you or the outsourced company in advance when and which asset’s lifetime will be over to plan re-hauling or purchase of the new asset. When adding costs, you will see financial plans for the assets.

Assets can also include trees and other plants. Green Twin will deduct their CO2 consumption from your overall CO2 footprint. Trees need maintenance and care just like any other asset. Combined with weather data, Green Twin can calculate when to cut grass or trim trees and will send the WO to the person in charge.