Green Twin

Integrable With Everything


reen Twin can connect to different things, tangible or intangible. If you already have an asset management program, you can use Green Twin as a 4D upgrade. You can also connect exiting technical security equipment to monitor and/or to control.

Green Twin as a 4D Upgrade

Integrable With IoT, ERP, CRM, MES…

Enables Dynamic Normative System

Inventive Real-Time BI Reports Support Fast and Quality Decisions

You can connect CRM to display effects and reports with BI or connect machines to see their effects (operating, standby, off, energy consumption, workers, bad products, number of halts and reasons, etc.). Also, connect Green Twin with ERP to exchange real-time data with accounting data, e.g., how much energy was used per single product and how much time was spent to produce a single product and see the results after calculation. It’s also possible to have a dynamic normative system. E.g., if making one kind of product constantly shows excess time spent, the program can adjust norms in ERP according to your wishes. E.g., if there is excess in two months for 10% of 70% of workers, lower norms for half (5%).