Green Twin

Production Control


reen Twin’s production control can monitor and/or control all machines, regardless if they are smart CNC, robotic or just plain and simple ones with no controllers.

For more sophisticated machines, the machine’s database can be connected with the database of Green Twin and Green Twin will create BI reports in real-time. If this solution is not possible, digital and analog trackers are installed on certain relays and later interpreted. For more simple machines, some sensors can be added and signals can be picked up and interpreted the same way as for digital or analog trackers. A hydraulic press machine, for example, can have a sound sensor that counts every cycle. Sometimes even a smart electric meter can track different stages of a machine. A lot can be done with creative thinking and a large portfolio of IoT devices and sensors.

Track Machine Operations and Statuses

Use Touchscreen Monitor for Production Tasks

Have Real-Time OEE for Machines and Workers

Use Data for Dynamic Norms and Payroll Data

Real-time BI reports that are created can be seen by the head of production, the CEO, the CFO and even workers. They can also be displayed on the production site if you think they will have a positive effect on workers.

Every machine can be equipped with a touchscreen monitor. The worker can log in and see which WOs have to be made on this machine (remember that every item has its own ID, worker, too). In this case, the system will know who is working, when the work started and when it is finished. Based on this data, workers can start to get paid or get bonuses by the norm. BI can also show differences between workers’ performance and run dynamic corrections to the normative in ERP.