Green Twin



e are part of the consortium in the Atlantis Project. ATLANTIS aims to enhance the resilience and Cyber-Physical-Human (CPH) security of key EU Critical Infrastructures.

The mission of ATLANTIS, which involves 39 European partners with complementary roles and skills, is to improve the resilience and protection capabilities of interconnected ECIs exposed to evolving systemic risks due to existing and emerging large-scale, combined cyber-physical threats and hazards. The goal is to guarantee the continuity of operations while minimizing cascading effects in the infrastructure itself, the environment, other CIs, and the involved population, enabling public and private actors to meet current and emerging challenges by adopting sustainable security solutions.

The ATLANTIS solution will be validated and demonstrated in 3 large-scale cross-border and cross-sector pilots. We are part of the first Cross-Border/Cross Domain Large Scale Pilot in Transport, Energy, and Telecoms.

This pilot will validate cyber-physical-human security, safeguarded against systemic risks, and provide business continuity and resilience procedures in multimodal cross-country transport (port, rail, and highway), energy (oil), and telecoms/ICT critical infrastructure and services in four countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, and France). It will focus on information exchange at different levels of operation, such as inside CI organizations, among different domains in the national security environment, and cross-border between CI operators.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe framework programme.