Green Twin

Introducing the GreenTwin Digital Twin in a Slovenian Hospital Leads to Significant Savings


e implemented the GreenTwin digital twin in one of the nine buildings of a Slovenian hospital. The goal of the project was to reduce energy consumption caused by open windows and simultaneous heating (or cooling in the summer months), as well as inappropriate temperatures. The aim was to measure the extent of heat loss due to excessively high temperatures and open windows.

We installed sensors to measure indoor and outdoor temperatures, sensors to measure the status of window openness or closedness, and sensors for electricity consumption both in the entire department and on individual air conditioning units. After establishing the GreenTwin digital twin, we measured the actual conditions for two months, then conducted an analysis and calculated the actual losses due to excessively high indoor temperatures and improper ventilation through open windows based on the measurements. We then proposed measures to the management to reduce energy consumption.

We extrapolated the measured results, or losses, to the entire hospital using a safety factor of 0.4 and calculated a total annual potential savings of 317,000 euros. This amount represents approximately 16% of heating and cooling costs. The savings will likely be even higher after the implementation of the measures, as the safety factor was significant.

The hospital has already started implementing measures and solutions to reduce energy consumption.