Green Twin

How We Reduced Energy Consumption in a British Company by Implementing a Digital Twin

The project to implement the GreenTwin digital twin was carried out at a British manufacturing company with 150 employees. The goal of the project was to optimize machine availability and increase their efficiency while reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.


In the first step, we implemented and established the GreenTwin digital twin. The GreenTwin units have meters for measuring electricity consumption and carbon footprint, and they will soon be able to track gas consumption. We measured the actual state of the company for two months, then conducted an analysis to identify areas and departments where energy consumption could be reduced and proposed solutions.


The client has already started implementing solutions that will reduce energy consumption by 40%, saving between 7,000 and 12,000 pounds per month. Annually, they will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 121,000 kilograms. The investment paid off for the company in ten months, as the savings in energy costs exceeded the value of the investment.