Green Twin

Who We Are

reenTwin is a company and service provider based in Slovenia. We are an experienced team in the fields of 3D modeling, the Internet of Things (IoT), software engineering, entrepreneurship, and cloud computing. We have developed numerous solutions to address everyday challenges in manufacturing and other industries, with a special focus on 3D visualization. GreenTwin is designed for a wide range of applications, from manufacturing and transportation to healthcare. With it, we can efficiently monitor and manage assets, from a single machine to an entire company.
"The GreenTwin digital twin is our proprietary product. As a former executive, I wanted to develop a tool that would assist management and employees in their operations. This led to the creation of the GreenTwin digital twin, which acts as a co-pilot among all employees and departments within a company. For management, it serves as a tool to oversee the entire company or production line, ensuring they are aware of current events in any situation—from breakdowns and maintenance to energy consumption and the carbon footprint of a product. It facilitates the green transition and further directs companies towards sustainability."
Boris Grivić, CEO
Boris Grivic, CEO